About us

IRON GLASS began in 1995, alongside one of the biggest and most prestigious North American security holding companies in the market. Today we have over 20 years of experience providing security solutions to our customers in the Americas.

We have recently landed in the Mexican market.

We have armored over 80,000 vehicles, and it makes us proud to see our logo on the back of these thousands of cars that have visited our production facilities, because we know that we provide users with a reliable and secure solution.

We are constantly working to protect your life and that of your family using the most innovative technology in the global market.

We have production plants, laboratories, commercial offices and branches in the Americas, now including Mexico, expanding to strategic points for your convenience.

    At Iron Glass we stand out for having:

  • 80,000 vehicles with our seal of protection.
  • A highly qualified staff.
  • Personal advice and support on a permanent basis.
  • Quality control for all armors.
  • An efficient after-sales service.
  • Confidentiality policies, with the utmost discretion about the request.
  • Custom designs based on international patents.

Iron Glass is backed by multiple international certifications. Our products and services are patented and offered in compliance with international security standards.

These are some of them: